Ali Zafar Shows Us to Mannequin Challenge Is Really Done


The Mannequin challenge bug was started from the school kids and reached to the restaurant staff and now it is spread to the celebrities all over the world. It is now reached to our part of the world. Ali Zafar, the leading singer and actor and he decided to take up this challenge and he shared the video on the social media to start the viral internet and he took it to the new level.

He posted the video on the instagram page, which he took during the live concert with the crowd of 1000 people and it is provided on the social media. When the camera moves towards him during this wonderful challenge, then fans stand frozen with their hands in the air. When there was long pause, then it shows that Ali has accepted this challenge.

He broke this challenge with great style and he sang his favorite song, Jhoom with the crowed and the people were dancing and singing with him.


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