Alphabet drops dream of drones providing internet


On Wednesday, Google’s parent company Alphabet announced that it is planning to deliver internet service from sky through balloons instead of drones.

Apart from Google, Alphabet is also owner of Google X whose purpose is to create new technologies to change the world. The company told that Titan, its internet drone project, was left by the company about 1 year ago.

Staff of this project was sent elsewhere including Loon while this project was aimed to provide internet related service to all people including that of remote areas by using a network of high altitude balloons.

According to an X division spokesperson, some of these members were shifted to Project Wing for creation of delivery drones. In late 2015, the team from discarded project X was brought to X. soon after that, Google ended its project for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) for internet access.

The technology and economy of balloons was more feasible for people of remote and rural areas to connect them through internet.

But famous social media network Facebook is continuing its efforts to develop an Aquila drone to provide internet services from sky.



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