Amer Khan Sexual Abuse Awareness Video


Mumbai, Amer Khan is the leading and most prominent actor of Indian film industry and he is known with Mr Perfectionist in Bollywood. A video of Amer Khan is released on the social media, in which he can be looked telling the small kids how to rescue themselves from the sexual harassment issues.

A recent incident was appeared in Kasur, Pakistan in which a little girl became the victim of the children sexual abuse, which has threatened the world and it got the attention of the people in and outside Pakistan. The sexual abuse cases and the rape cases are common in India and such incidents of rape and murder are appeared from time to time in India and the Indian actor, Amer Khan raised his voice against such incidents.

He started the program, ‘Satyamev Jayate’ in 2012 and due to its unique topic, this program got popularity among the people. In the video, he talks with the small children and he also surfaced various incidents of the children and he gives the lessons to the small children how they should protect themselves from the culprits. Now this video is becoming more and more viral on the social media.

He talked with the children in this video on this serious topic and people are encouraging and appreciating this video. Most of the parents cannot talk with their children on this topic and this video will help them to get understand their children about the sexual abuse. It is excellent to give them the sense of the impending danger and it is told that they should start shouting and run to their homes or the safe destination and they should inform their parents and teachers about such incidents. He also said that it was duty of the parents to give the protection to their kids in case of such dangers.

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