Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdom Decide to Adopt Orphan Child


Pak fame UK Boxer Amir Khan and his wife, Faryal Makhdom has decided to adopt any orphan child from Gambia. According to the UK News paper, Amir Khan and his wife visited the African country, Gambia from his foundation and they also visited the orphanage. When they saw the condition of the orphanage, they felt sorry over the condition of the orphanage and he showed his desire that he would adopt every child but he would start this work by adopting one child. He will pass through the strict procedure to adopt the child.

Amir Khan said that he wanted to stay in the hospitals and orphanages in the poor country so that they can help these poor people. Wife of Amir, Faryal also said that Islam taught us about the help of the orphans and it was her desire to adopt a child and give them good nourishment and it is going to be fulfilled. It is to be clear that Amir Khan has already announced to make the orphanage in Gambia from his own foundation and a school and hospital will also be constructed there.

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