Amir Khan Marriage with Faryal


British boxer Amer Khan has filed the divorce papers in the court against Faryal Makhdoom. He filed the case now after their twitter war on the social media. WhenFaryal declared that she is pregnant with second child, Amir Khan casts doubt over it. The couple is passing through the difficult time of their life and relationship, when the public spat was carried between them on twitter. They accused each other on cheating on them.

He uploaded a snapchat recently and said that he and Faryal are not together and he has filed the case for divorce. He said that she did not inform him about getting pregnant but he got know from other sources. He would be there for his kids but they were not together but he loves his kids. He said that he did not know she was pregnant but time would tell and now he is available for his kid, Lamaisah. He said that he would take care of his kids but he would not be there for Faryal as he did not think it was healthy for his kids and Faryal. He did not want that his children see them fighting with each other.



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