Amir Khan Reveals Reason of Differences with His Family


London, Pak fame British boxer Amir Khan shared the reason of the conflict with his family being at the distance. There are some disturbances with him and his family members but it was wrongly said that his wife, Faryal Makhdoom is the main reason of contention between him and his family members. Now the boxer himself exposed that the financial matters are the actual reason of the distance with his family members. He said that he had some property consultants and accountants but he relieved them from the service being confident on his father and uncle. Soon after that he faced defeat in the next fight then he faced some financial problems due to the financial misappropriation of his close relatives.

In his coaching team, his father, Shah Khan, his uncle, Taaz Khan and close friend Saaj Muhammad were included and they not only give guidance in the ring but also advices about his future strategy. He paid deep attention on the game, boxing and he trusted his team but they hurt his confidence.

When he was wining the fights after fights, then he was receiving huge amounts from all sides and everything was going well. When he lost the fight, he faced financial crisis and he watched people with changed eyes. He watched the people change when he lost the fight in the ring. When he was 21 or 22 years old, he was winning the fights and everything was going well but he did not think that he faced the worse conditions.

He said that he was thinking himself an obedient son and brother and he worked for the welfare of his family. He took care of the family, which is his basic purpose. If he wins another fight then everything will be settled and he has time of 21 years.

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