Angelina Childhood Home value $2 Millions


Karachi, The value of the home is estimated to $2 million in which Angelina Jolie spent her childhood. This house was located in Rock Land county, New York, which was owned by her mother, Marchiline Bertrend.

According to media resources, her mother got the divorce from her father in 1980 and she came here and started living in this beautiful home with her daughter and son. Angelina has one brother, James Heaven and she lived with her mother and brother in this beautiful home, which has four bedrooms. She completed her education while staying in this home. This house is located 20 miles away from the New York city in the northern side in the country side area.

Angelina stayed in this home until her family shifted to Los Angeles. This house named ‘Rock Land county house’ was built in 1950 and conductor Eugene Kohn bought this home. Kohn bought 15 houses in few hours and he did the renovation of these homes & after that, he sold them. He said that he bought this home for $1.2 million and now he did the renovation of this home.

The house is located on a piece of land, which has the expanse of 4 thousands square feet. This house attracted the artist and other popular personalities due to its beauty and elegance in which the leading comedian, ‘Bill Murray’ is also included.

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