Anushka Sharma: I receive a lot of love from Pakistan


After a movie debut many would dream of, apparently ‘Rab’ had destined Anushka Sharma and Bollywood to become the ultimate ‘jodi’. 6 years and a number of versatile roles later, The Express Tribune talks to Sharma as she ventures into production with the upcoming NH10.

Anushka Sharma Hot Pics

Anushka Sharma Hot Pics

In the this move starring Anushka as the female actress, turns around some road trip lands them into trouble. Anushka mentioned “I loved the script. I preferred to it quickly however I was occupied for other movies and I don’t prefer to sing movies that I would draw back from. As they mention, Daane daane pe likha hai khane wale ka naam, [therefore it happened while it needed to happen].”

Sure in NH10’s capability to grab the viewers, Anushka admits, “this is really will be my desired movie. This movie contains a unique story as well its gritty. It contains all the essentials and it was trilling for me to perform a character that I have never performed before.”

The movie which said to be an action packed movie, needs Ansushka to play stants. “I was taught to do the scenes as we preferred to provide them a actual, passable feel. The film was casted in Rajasthan at actual locations, like forests and amid storms. As well the movie’s schedule was exciting and time consuming.”

While she stare back at her profession she feels lucky to have reach such a long way. “for 6 years I have been performing in the industry and while I teamed up, not many people were lucky [enough to turns it that big],” she admits. “Now I think that I am going in the direction where I preferred to be a part of the great movies along with unique stories, good profitable movies and surely, movies like NH10.”

However the Pakistani TV dramas flourishing in India and a raising local movie industry, each willing if a performer from Indian entertainment industry would prefer to perform on this side of the border. “I would certainly think regarding that offers,” Anushka admits, adding, “to be a creative individual, I will certainly be a party of, if it is trilling.”

It seems that she prefers Pakistani music. “I think Coke Studio Pakistan is exceptional because it contains talent and I am a big fun.”

She admits that she would prefer to visit Pakistan once chance comes by. “I would love to visit. I get so much love from Pakistan and as well I have got plenty of fans and friend in Pakistan,” she mentioned. Often the artists captures themselves along with the unstable affairs among Pakistan and India, however Anushka’s lover for her Pakistani fans stays unchanged.

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