Atif Aslam New Song Musafir Got Tremendous Success


Mumbai, The leading and popular singer of Pakistan, Atif Aslam has released his new album, ‘Musafir’ and this album got tremendous success soon after its release. He got tremendous popularity among Indian fans and he also got the encouragement from the viewers and he showed his performance in India.

Due to escalation in tensions of the relationships between India and Pakistan, India has imposed ban on the Pakistani actors to perform in the Bollywood but there are many producers and directors, who want to work with the Pakistani artists. Atif Aslam sang a song for the Indian new coming movie and this song became viral on the social media.

According to Indian media, Pakistani leading singer, Atif Aslam sang the song for the new coming Indian movie, ‘Sweety Weds MRI’ in his own voice and this song got hit just after 24 hours of its uploading on the social media and most of the Indians like this song. The poet of the song is Palik Minchal and Atif Aslam sang this song for Musafir and there are about 10 lac people, who watched this song on the social media in just one day. It is to be clear that Atif Aslam got recorded a song, ‘Hoor’ for the movie, ‘Hindi Medium’ of Irfan Khan and Saba Qamar.



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