Australia Tightens conditions to get Nationality


Canberra, The Australian government has tightened the conditions for the foreigners to get the Australian nationality the government declared three conditions compulsory for the candidates to apply for the nationality.

According to media, the prime minister of Australia has declared the new terms and conditions to get the nationality of Australia. Now the candidates should be influent in English speaking, compliance of gender discrimination, and 4 years stay in Australia. According to the new rules and regulations, the candidates, who want to get Australian nationality, they will have to stay in Australia for consecutive 4 years while under the current rules and regulations, this stay limit is only one year.

The Australian prime minister also said that the desired persons will have to comply with the value of their country and they will have to show their practical to mix with the Australian society and they will have to respect the women. The criminal record of the foreign people will also be considered. He further added that his government wants to make their society multi cultural society and they want to make it strong and they are taking the initiatives to save the Australian traditions. To get the Australian nationality, it is basic responsibility to save the v values of this country.

On the other hand, the minister of immigration said that they will not ask the foreign people to change their culture, heritage and background to get Australian nationality. But according to the news demands of the nationality, the exams set for the nationality will be made sterner. The candidates will be asked the questions about the domestic violence and there will be 20 more questions will be asked for the test of nationality including reading, writing, and listening and the ethic questions like torture to the wife.

The immigration minister also said that most of the people tell a lie to get the nationality and if any candidate finds involved in telling lie or deceiving them, then his nationality will be cancelled. The candidates will have to prove that they are not fulfilling the management process but they are determined to comply with the values of Australia.

Under the new law, the candidates will be permitted to appear in the exams after two more years if they are declared failed for three consecutive times to get the nationality. It is to be clear that Australian government stopped the visa program for the temporary foreign workers on 18 April and new system is introduced to provide the job to the unemployed Australian citizens and the Australian citizens will be preferred in the jobs.

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