Mehwish Hayat

Trailer of Movie ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’ Releases Now

Karachi, the film makers of the film,’ Jawani Phir Nahi Aani’ of the Pakistani cinema is now back with another successful movie, Punjab Nahi jaungi. Nadeem Beyg is the director ... Continue Reading →

Robots Serve Pizza in the Restaurant in Multan

During the modern world, the use of robots is common in most of the departments. These robots are serving people and they carry out their jobs and replace the people. Now the robots ... Continue Reading →

Enjoy Meal on the Clouds

If you want to get enjoyment by taking the meal within the clouds then you will have to go to Brussels. You will go in such a hotel, which is surrounded by the clouds and it is suspended ... Continue Reading →
Facebook Can Now Help You Find Wi Fi Hotspots Nearby

Facebook Helps You Find Wi-Fi Hotspots Nearby

It is difficult task for the people to find the Wi-Fi signal and it is worrisome when their mobile data connection cannot be relied on. Facebook has decided to do something about and ... Continue Reading →

Criminals Arresting Automatic Robot Cars Introduce

Dubai, The patrolling automatic robot cars are introduced in Dubai after the robot police officials. These cars have the capability to recognize the criminals. Dubai polices presented ... Continue Reading →
The submarine cable boom

Pak Connects with New Submarine Cable and Design Capacity of 40 TBs Per Second

Pakistan is connected with new submarine cable system with design capacity of about 40 TBs per second across 5 fiber pairs as AAE-1 and the operations is announced to be started. AAE-1 ... Continue Reading →

Robot Snake to Save Lives in Traffic Accidents

Tokyo, the Japanese experts have prepared the robot, and a powerful camera is installed on its one end. It is also added with tiny hair and it can crawl and reach to any demolished ... Continue Reading →

TEVTA Offers IT Course to 60,000 Students

Lahore, The Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) is playing the important role in producing the qualified individuals to provide the employment opportunities ... Continue Reading →

Toshiba unveils its latest Business laptop

Toshiba is not famous for manufacturing laptops but it is trying to establish its name in the market by offering new models. The company has now released its new Tecra X40 laptop ... Continue Reading →

PFA seals famous Fast Food chains in Lahore

Bilal Yasin, Provincial Food Minister, and Noorul Amin Mengal, DG Punjab Food Authority, recently visited various local and international food chain franchises in order to monitor ... Continue Reading →
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