‘Baahubali’ poster largest in world sets Guinness Record


On Wednesday the Guinness World Record approved the poster made throughout the audio reveal of S.S Rajamouli’s magnum opus “Baahubali” in Kochi on 27th of June 2015 as the world’s biggest poster.

Behind the ideal of creating the poster was Global United Media which is the company that distributed ‘Baahubali’ in Kerala, and the poster was designed by Rajamouli himself.

As per to the Guinness website, the movie poster is sized at 51,598.21 square feet exceed the last record of 50687.25 square feet.

 “like this you do not get to every day and a big thank you to the whole team to make this amazing event happen. A very special gratitude to producers Shobu Yarlagadda, Devineni Prasad and director Rajamouli,” Prem Menon the Global United Media managing director mentioned to IANS.

The poster has been completed by a team of 30 members whom worked round the clock for 3 days.

The story of “Baahubali”, is about 2 brothers at war for a very old kingdom, has up to date grossed over Rs.350 crore globally.

Baahubali poster

Baahubali poster

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