Be a Part of Naya Pakistan Housing Accelerator


The PM’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is a newly launched developmental project for the construction to empower the people and facilitate them with their own property in a very reasonable and affordable expense.



The housing vision of Pakistan is now giving the golden opportunities to construction start ups and companies to promote their business and talent. Naya Pakistan Housing Accelerator (NYPHA) is a right platform for scaling your business or to find the right connections to market. NYPHA is giving a chance to apply for 15 weeks program to provide startups and leading companies having an availability of sufficient resources, mentors and experts as well as investors.

The NYPHA is going to be launched by Trioca Ventures in collaboration with HBL, International Industries Limited, NED, UMT, UET, NUST, and several other leading universities.

Construction Industry Problems in Pakistan

Construction Industry Problems in Pakistan

After completing the program the companies will be selected on specific criteria and will be allowed to work with leading construction companies in Pakistan and will have an opportunity to win the contracts.

In first stage of the project, NYPHA will select the companies which can handle three major issues in construction industry: Materials, Data and People.

The Data Challenge

The companies that have an ability of data collection that how it flows between architects, engineers and site teams and what kind of data is will be required for NYPHA. This challenge have three major preference areas: Real-time monitoring; Performance and resource management; and Supply chain analysis.

The Smart Material Challenge

The smart material challenge is about to make the construction company more productive and provide with new materials which are suitable for environment. The following issues will be focused specifically: sustainability, waste reduction, improving safety, and most importantly, how to save time and money.

What Will Companies and Startups will get from NYPHA

The selected startups and companies can expect the following benefits from NYPHA.

Access to tools and resources for growing your business

Subsidized loans and access to specially designed funding

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