Bigg Boss 10 Promo Salman Khan Promises to Create HISTORY


Bigg Boss is the most favorite and common show, which is popular across the country. Bigg Boss 10 promo is going to be introduced and it has fun and entertainment and people also watch the promo of the show, which is now being produced.

Now the people can watch the promo of the big show, Bigg Boss 10 and this season of the show created the curiosity for a different reason. It is programmed that no celebrities will be called in this show and the common people will become part of the show. The people, who will follow Bigg Boss with fervor, they can have a chance to check and stick to this show. In the promo of the show, he was showing as astronauts and he was sitting in the space shuttle setup of the show and he was also looking in one of the seasons as pilot and the contestants were there in the aero plane shaped space, which will be entertaining and interesting.

Salman has decided to invite the common man in the show instead of the celebrities and he said that this will be the tough season this time for him and he will not invite the celebrities as various people criticized on the invitation of the celebrities last year. They opted that he invited the poor quality celebrities in his show. He is the ultimate superstar of the people and they guided the normal man and woman in the house. His reality show got the tremendous popularity across India and he can tribute his fans in better way than managing the season for the common man.

Bigg Boss reflects the current and present mindsets in different ways. The young Indians know to have an argument and their relationships are becoming complicated. He said that it is perfect time to open the house for normal citizens and Endemol is producing the show and let it on air. He added that there are very few Bigg Boss worth celebrities left in the industry and now they have decided to do the show with the common man. The new common man theme will revive this show or not and they should check the Bigg Boss 10 promo or not.


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