Blackberry Exits Pakistan after Refusing to Comply with Data Requests


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has the authority to monitor the working and other functions of the telecommunication agencies. PTA has the intention to close the function of Blackberry Enterprise Services across the country due to some security reasons.

Blackberry Mobiles

Blackberry Mobiles

The government and its intelligence agencies were monitoring the working and it secures the email and messaging while collecting the user information. Due to these statements, PTA gave the directions to all telecos to block the services of Blackberry at the end of November and they mentioned that they received the orders from the above.

PTA took the matter into their hands, before closing down the company, Blackberry and the Chief Operating Officer of Blackberry, Marty Beard announced that the company will no longer operating in Pakistan. He continued that Pakistan was an important market and government has some access to the BES customer information and it has the ability to monitor the traffic like data, emails and BBM messages.

He further added that if Blackberry accepted the demand of the government then it would be clear violation of the safeguard of user data and their privacy. In these situations, the circumstance will not be violated.

Marty also said that they have cleared it many times that they did not support back doors and they can grant no access to the information of the customers and such activity has also not done in the world before. PTA issued the directives to block BES including Blackberry Internet Service and consumer services and there was no choice to operate their network in Pakistan.

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