BOL New Boutique Hotel in Pictures


BOL TV Network has claimed the superiority on the rest of the television industry and the channel has invested huge amount to include the latest technologies and set up the infrastructure to make it a masterpiece.

This is the first tv channel, which has claimed to introduce Ultra HD channel transmission and it aims to provide best working environment for employees in Pakistan. There were several announcements about the infrastructure but we can see that BOL has actually made for its employees, guest and for the team members. There are 5 star buildings, restaurants, and facilities are provided to the workers and BOL has declared it state of the art infrastructure, ‘BOListan’.

The hotel of TV network offers the exquisite facilities like private swimming pools, room service, Jacuzzi, gym, refrigerator, celebrity lounge and many more. The guests of BOL get across the Executive Suites and the employees get the Deluxe Rooms. The viewers can take a look at some of the images taken from the Fonda Boutique Hotel of BOL.

The hotel is added with cafes, lounges, restaurants, library, movie theatre, salons, prayer rooms and other services, which are provided to the employees of BOL. BOL istan has number of restaurants, which are provided for the employees of the company and the guests, which their regional plus local cuisine and it also offers unique hospitable experience through the special designed surroundings.

It is worth mentioning that BOL is subsidiary of Axact and it is still under investigation for fraud and it is counterfeiting in Pakistan. The executives of the Axact were charged for $140 million fake diploma scheme in US and both the parent company and the channel have started their operations once again





















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