Boxer Aamer Khan Wife Blamed her In Laws to Torture her


Pak fame British boxer, Aamer Khan is married with Pakistani woman, Faryal Makhdom and she was shifted to London with her husband after her marriage. She put serious blame on her in laws and she said that she is seriously tortured in the absence of her husband. They also put pressure on Aamer to give her divorce.

She talked with media and said that wife of Pak fame British boxer, Aamer Khan put serious allegations on her in laws. She said that there can be some issues between the husband and wife in every home and she is bearing this situation by hook or by crook for last three years. Now she cannot keep quiet. She further said that her in laws created various problems for her soon after her marriage, which is not understood.

She said that her husband is a rich person but she cannot touch her money. She walks on the ramp in the fashion show to earn the money. Despite this, her in laws behaved badly with her. Her sister in law envies of her success and pleasure and she tortures on her in the absence of her husband. The in laws put pressure on Aamer to divorce her. This couple was married on 31 May 2013.




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