Boxer Aamer Khans Blackmailer got Imprisonment


London, Pakistani fame British boxer, Aamer Khan was blackmailed by a person and Aamer Khan took this case in the court. The court announced its decision and the blackmailer is imprisoned for blackmailing the boxer. The court also praised Aamer Khan to cooperate with it.

According to the detail, the criminal Hamza Deen blackmailed the international reputed boxer, Aamer Khan and Aamer lodged a case against him in the court. Now the court has given its verdict and gave the punishment of 16 months imprisonment to the blackmailer. The Bolton Crown court listened to the case of the boxer and it praised Aamer Khan to cooperate with the court. The court declared that the criminal is mental patient and gave him the punishment of 16 months. The 27 years old Hamza Deen sent an email to him that he had some offensive videos of the boxer with a woman and if he does not pay the demanded money, then he will hand over these videos to media. After this the manager of the boxer contacted with the police and the filed a case in the police station against the blackmailer. The police took action against the criminal and arrested him.

Boxer Aamer Khan

The accused Hamza Deen told the court that he did not have any video to prove that he blackmailed Aamer Khan. However, the court declared that the accusations from the accused Hamza Deen to the boxer are not proved while he is not feeling mentally right and he need some mental treatment.

After the announcement of the punishment from the court, the lawyer of Aamer Khan read the statement of Aamer Khan in the court in loud voice in which he statement that it is better to get his mental treatment rather than send him in the jail.

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