Broccoli helpful to control Diabetes


Broccoli has several benefits and now it is known that this vegetable is also helpful to control diabetes. Medical experts think that further benefits of broccoli will come forward after more research. But the experts say that drinking broccoli’s juice helps to control type 2 diabetes. According to these experts, broccoli contains a phyto-chemical “Sulforaphane” which plays important role to reduce the amount of sugar in blood.

This research is done in University of Gothenburg, Sweden by Professor Annika Axelson who said that several things are famous for reduction in diabetes but in fact broccoli is the best remedy for this disease. He gave broccoli shake to 97 patients for 12 weeks after which their morning sugar level decreased dramatically.  Sulforaphane is also present in other types of cabbage but its amount is highest in broccoli.

Prior to that, it has been proved that broccoli is helpful in the diseases of heart, blood pressure and several types of cancers. Due to this, broccoli is included in the list of “Super Foods”.

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