Businesses & Industries Allowed to Operate during Lockdown


The federal government has made the announcement to extend the lockdown by two weeks. Due to spread of the COVID-19 in the country, the federal government imposed lock down throughout the country and stopped at educational, social, cultural, sports, economical and business activities by 24 March 2020, which is now in force. Now the government has extended the duration of the lockdown within the country and the PM has announced that all public places, transport, schools, colleges, universities and other departments will remain close by 30 April 2020. Businesses & Industries Allowed to Operate during Lockdown.

Businesses & Industries Allowed to Operate during Lockdown

Businesses & Industries Allowed to Operate during Lockdown

Due to lockdown throughout the country, there are different segments of the society, which were affected badly including the daily wagers. Now realizing the difficulties of these daily labors, the government has decided to relax some of the segments and decided to open the select businesses, low risk industries but they have to adopt some precautionary measures in their working places.

The Federal Minister for Industries and Production briefed media on the industries and said that some of the industries have been exempted from second phase of lock down. There are some of the vital industries including banks, media, grocery stores, medical stores, relief organizations and petrol pumps are already functioning during the lockdown ensuring in the consistency of the supply chain. The industries and sectors, which are exempted from the lockdown second phase, they are listed below:

  • Chemical plants
  • E-commerce for delivery, etc.
  • Software developing firms
  • Paper packaging firms
  • Cement fertilizer plants
  • Laundry etc
  • Nursing Plants
  • Agriculture machinery
  • Agriculture Products
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Animal hospitals
  • Export industries with SOPs
  • Books and stationery shops
  • Construction industry with SOPs

The government also allowed the export industries, which can have the confirmed export orders. The federal government left the segments like tailors, electricians, barbers, mechanics and others to the provinces to work during lockdown on the basis of the number of cases. 

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