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During the summer season and amid the hot temperatures in most part of the country, people are facing many hardships due to limited supply of electricity. When Pakistan attained the maximum power capacity few days earlier, the power shortfall was whopping 3,000 MW across the country and it is bound to go higher as temperatures get the higher and the demand of the electricity is also going on the higher side.

It is good idea for the people to opt for the generator on the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) unit in order to beat the heat.

UPS Has Come Long Way

The UPS systems were only used to power the lights and fans when the load shedding was not enough. With the increase in hours of blackouts of load shedding, the demand of the modern lifestyles and the home appliances and other electrical equipment are also needed to be connected to the UPS.

If you want to meet the electrical requirements of the equipments, they need to know the maximum capacity of the UPS. It is easy for most of the engineering students to calculate the appropriate wattage for new UPS. They need to add the wattage of the electrical items, which they want to connect with the UPS so they can buy one with the right power capacity. People need to look how much watts of the normal electrical items are consumed.


  • Normal Energy Saver – 20W-24W
  • Small Energy Saver – 6W-13W
  • Large Energy Saver – 33W-45W
  • LED Energy Saver – 9W-15W
  • Tube Light – 35W-45W
  • Small Tube Light – 10W-20W
  • Filament Bulb – 60W-100W
  • High Wattage Bulb – 200W-500W

It is good idea for the consumers that they check the wattage mentioned on package of the products, when they purchase the lights.

Household Equipment

  • New Fans – 110W-120W
  • Old Fans – 150W-200W
  • Iron – 1000W
  • Microwave – 400W-1500W
  • Up to 27-inch LCD TV/Monitor – 45W-65W
  • Large Screen LCD TV – 55W-110W
  • Up to 27-inch LED TV/Monitor – 35W-45W
  • Large Screen LED TV – 45W-90W
  • CRT TV/Monitor – 150W-300W
  • Room Refrigerator – ~150W
  • New Refrigerator – 250W-500W (depending on its size)
  • Old Refrigerator – 400W-700W
  • Deep Freezer – 400W-900W
  • Water Dispenser – 100W(Cooling), 500W(Heating)
  • Small Water Motor – ~300W
  • Large Water Motor – 500W-700W
  • Air Conditioners (AC) – 1500W-2800W [2200W to 3700W when it starts] (Depending on size)
  • Inverter AC – 250W-2000W (Depends on desired temperature and size)
  • Electric Heater (Blower) – 800W-1000W
  • Electric Heater (Lamp/Filament) – 400W per lamp


  • Normal Phone Charger – 5W (when charging)
  • Phone Fast Charger – 20W-25W (when charging)
  • Laptop – 40W-50W (Normal usage)
  • Gaming Laptop – 70W-120W
  • Desktop PC excluding monitor– 100W-500W (depending on light or heavy usage)
  • Router/Modem – 5W-10W
  • Printer – 450W

How to Calculate

When you calculate the amount of power, which you would like to consumer through UPS, you need to make the list of the items, which you want to have backup with it add the respective wattages. When you get the total wattage, you should multiply it by 1.5 and you will get maximum UPS wattage. VA is the value basically for maximum capacity or power rating of the UPS.


If you have 32 inch LED TV, laptop, 5 energy savors, 5 new fans and the refrigerator. You can calculate the wattage with the use of simple formula by adding all these wattages and multiply them by 1.5.

Total UPS wattage required = (65W+40W+5×23+5×120+350W) x 1.5 = 1755 W

Now you will need such UPS with the maximum wattage of over 1755 watts. If UPS of that size is not provided, then you will need to get 2000 VA UPS. You need to try to buy UPS with higher power rating than you require being on the safe side and for less heating issues.


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