Can Modem Lights Warn of Danger?


Normally you see that there are modem lights, which are consistently blinking all the time whether you are using the internet or not. You do not know that it is a warning or something else. The blinking of the lights on the modem shows the correct and normal activity of the electronic equipments when you are working on the web or download video through it. It is also used for the monitoring of the network connections to the internet service provider. These services are monitored for the Wi-Fi connected phones and like similar other devices just like cable box, Xbox or Apple TV. The modem or the router detects the performance of all these communications and shows through modem lights.

Real Threats

The blinking lights are using for showing the performance of the activity being carried out. But you should keep in mind some threats which can hampered the activities and you should be aware of them.

Can Modem Lights Warn of Danger

Can Modem Lights Warn of Danger

Botnets. There are some software programs which are called Botnets which scan the internet and can save their computers through scan and you can turn your computer into zombie spam machines. If there is any computer with basic firewall then it can be saved from any danger because of its router.

Wi-Fi Thieves. If you have installed the internet connection as it already installed by your neighbor then it can create problems for Wi-Fi threat.  The same connection can slow down the working of internet in your system. Some people got illegal connection of internet without paying any fee, they can slow down the speed of your system. You should make list of all connected devices and recognize the Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi thieves can make access to these devices. If you want to make protect from these Wi-Fi thieves then you should change the password of Wi-Fi and the name of your router.

Viruses: You should run the virus scan on your computer regularly in order to avoid any threat caused by the virus. By the number of trafficking on the router or the monitoring software and it can send the log of internet activity. The scanning of the viruses in your system will help monitoring network trafficking like little snitch for Mac or installed with Comodo Firewall for windows.

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