Canadian Island Offers Land Jobs To Anyone


Canada, a general store located in a Canadian Island posted an advertisement to offer land and job to those people, who are willing to relocate there. The general store received huge number of applications in response to their advertisement.

The Daughter Country Market of Farmer in Nova Scotia in Canada mentioned in the facebook advertisement that it offers this opportunity but it could not offer big money to the successful applicants. But it promised with the successful staffers that they can get two acres land to live there and keep after working there for five years.

The general store has received total 3500 applications up till now. The advertisement is added with some information for the readers about the efforts of the island that they can reduce the environmentally damaging corporate development and also showed that the suitable local were hired for this purpose and more staffers were needed.

The advertisement of store shows that it is the second time the island put out the call for people to come and habitat here. The Canadian island offered the American to take as the political refugees, if the real estate mogul were emerged victorious in the presidential elections in US.

The advertisement by the tourist board is added that the applicants should not wait for the election of Donald Trump. The website of Cape Breton showed that the women would be free to get their abortions and the Muslims will have liberty to move freely as they want.

The tourism website of Cape Breton received over 300,000 visits, which is more than its usual annual tally, in the weeks after the publication of the advertisement. There are about 5,000 Americans, who want to get specific information about the Island, read estate, immigration rules and employment opportunities as the head of the tourist board informed.

The Canadian census was conducted in 2011 and it suggested that the Island of Cape Breton may face the population crisis and the population of the area has decreased by 4.1% in 2011 from 2006. At this time, the population of the island is about 135,000 people.

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