Careem and Uber Declared Illegal by Punjab Government


All the ride-hailing services including Careem, Uber and others are declared as illegal by the Provincial Transport Authority of Punjab Government.

Now, these cars are not allowed to run on the roads of Lahore after dispatching a notification to chief traffic officer of Lahore.

But there is no information that this notification is only for Lahore or other cities will also be affected by this order.

Details About the Notification Banning Ride Hailing Services

It is said in the notification that transport services like Uber, A-One Taxi and Careem are running without getting route permits and fitness certificates which is a loss to government of Punjab. Apart from that, these are private cars and their use for commercial purposes is not only against the law but it also creates security problems for people.

It is added in the notification that field traffic officers must take immediate action against these illegal taxi services and they should not be allowed to run on the roads of Lahore.

So far, Careem and Uber haven’t responded regarding this matter.

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