Careem has recently added two new features to its Careem for Business (C4B) portfolio


The super app Careem has recently added two new features to its Careem for Business (C4B) portfolio for its corporate customers, Speed Control and User Management. These features are Spend Control and User Management and introduced for the customers of the Middle East and Pakistan

Spend Control

Spend Control’ allows the corporate client to set limits on the amount of rides or money spent by their staff through their invoice options to the company (where the company is invoiced). Additionally, customers can create unlimited modified policies for various functions within their companies, depending on their budget allocation.

The cost and travel allocation policy paid by your staff can be monthly or weekly, depending on usage. It was started to allow companies to enable billing for their employees in accordance with their respective travel policies, thus avoiding the risk of fraud and abuse.

Careem for Business (C4B)

Careem for Business (C4B)

User Management

User management gives corporate clients the freedom to easily and privately manage their clients’ accounts. This is done by providing administrative administrator access to add / remove staff through the latest C4B web portal.

Previously, this process was somewhat cumbersome and time-consuming as customers had to request a cream representative to add or remove staff from their corporate accounts.

The benefits of the C4B portfolio are as under:

  • Dedicated Account Manager: to make sure your needs are met
  • High Ranking Captains Only: served by our highest rated Captains (Gold, VIP and Careem tiers)
  • Priority & Backup Fleet: preference in dispatching and availability of a backup fleet during peak times
  • Pooling Model: scheduled pick and drop model for corporate employees
  • 24/7 Corporate Care: 24/7 corporate care team solely focused on you and your travel requirements
  • Range of Car Types: a diverse range of car types to address all your needs

Additionally, the cream also offers a variety of other services such as live ride tracking, ride insurance, and more.

Careems C4B portfolio has more than 4,500 companies and caters to 11 million + corporate visits annually. Some companies include: Deloitte, Nestl ،, McKinsey, Ben, Boston Consulting Group, Jazz Pakistan, Vodafone Egypt, Etisalat Group, Huawei KSA, Aramco, Draz, ICI Pakistan, K Electric and others.

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