Google Introduces Router to Connect Whatsapp with Web

New York, The speed of internet and wifi and the access to the whatsapp becomes the mental tension for most of the consumers. They look for the fastest broadband. Such consumers should ... Continue Reading →

Spacecraft Cassini Sent New Pictures of Saturn

New York, Spacecraft, Cassini is in the final stage of its mission. It sent the wonderful and interesting pictures of the moon of planet, Saturn, and seeing these pictures, the scientist ... Continue Reading →
Mars Pictures 2015

Latest Selfie of Mars reaches on earth

New York, The trend of taking selfie is growing among the people it becomes so common that people want to take selfie in different types. They take the selfie and get it uploaded on ... Continue Reading →

AeroMobil Says That Flying Auto Will Go On special In 2017

AeroMobil reveals that Flying Auto Will Go On special in 2015. You just need some more years to have flying autos. A company mentions that they have manufactured models which can both ... Continue Reading →
Sumail Hassan

Sumail Hassan Becomes Millionaire by playing Dota 2

After playing as a professional Defense player of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2) in the US for just one Month, 16 year old Pakistani Sumail Hassan has earned $200, 000. In 2014, Sumail moved ... Continue Reading →

Google virtual summer camp for endorsing STEM education internationally

If you are among the those parents who think that their kids are wasting their time by playing games on your mobile phone then the Camp Google is absolutely for you. In fact there ... Continue Reading →
Punjab Govt Impose Tax on Internet

Punjab Govt Impose Tax on Internet

  A 19.5% tax is going to be imposed on mobile data usage across the Punjab province which has been decided by the Government of Punjab, even though it had clearly promised everyone ... Continue Reading →
NADRA’s Online ID Card Service

NADRA’s Online ID Card Service – CNIC Delivery Easy now

This is terrifying that every single resident knows all very well, that waiting in lines to get their ID card made after God knows how many times they have to visit the local NADRA ... Continue Reading →
Samsung 2 TB SSDs

Samsung Unveils First 2 TB SSDs for Retail

Currently the Samsung has introduced the latest 2TB SSDs in their 850 Evo and 850 Pro series of faster storage medium. Samsung has turned out as the 2nd company following Intel to provide ... Continue Reading →

Robot Prepare to Construct Home in 2 Days

Perth, it was considered very difficult task to construct the home. But an Australian scientist has solved this problem and he prepared such robot, which can carry on working without ... Continue Reading →
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