Changed Looks of Shahnaz of Alfa Bravo Charlie


Pakistan television broadcast very popular drama serial, Alfa Bravo Charlie with the cooperation of ISPR of Pak Army in 1998. The story of this drama serial was around the young officers of Pakistan army and it got tremendous success and popularity around the world. Shahnaz Khawaja performed the leading role in this drama serial and she was hit in this drama serial. Then she disappeared from the scene. She impressed her fans with her acting and her beauty. She is the beautiful actress of the past and now latest and fresh pictures of this actress are revealed and the change in her personality was the great surprise for the fans. Her new pictures are getting viral on the social media and it is not easy to recognize her in these pictures.

It seemed that she got done the plastic surgery of her face and she is still looking very young despite of passing many years. The fans are watching her new pictures and they do viral her pictures on the social media.







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Changed Looks of Shahnaz of Alfa Bravo Charlie, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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