Check Daily grind of Wasim Akram


Wasim Akram is great cricket legend and he starts his day from breakfast with his family. Then he shoots for his TV show and flies off for the cricket series on the next day. The life of the legend cricketer is action packed and most of the Pakistanis want to know about him.

6 am:

It is his time to wake up. No matter what he is in the world, he wakes up between 6 am to 6:30 am. He goes out and moves out in the bustling streets of Melbourne and he goes out in the countryside in England, if he is in UK. He also likes to go on the seaside in Australia or like to go in the middle of Jungle in Sri Lanka. What he likes, one thing is sure about him that he wakes up early in the morning.

7 am:

When he wakes up, he cannot wait to see his daughter, Aiyla. He makes sure to do the first thing when he gets up and she is sitting in the bed and wait for the waking him up. Then she greets him with her biggest smile. It is the best start of his day and he also helps Shaniera to get up for the morning run and they ride in the car with their iPods and water bottles and they go out for the eight kilometers run.

9 am:

At this time, they get back to their home and take the shower and meet for the breakfast. Their morning meal consists of the coconut water, muesli as Shaniera makes her organic muesli, toast, eggs, keema and mix of beetroot, along with apple and carrot juice. They take breakfast and talk about their day ahead of them and finally take the green tea.

10 am:

Today, they will have to go for shopping. He and Shaniera go out to buy the items, which is needed in the home and they go out to the shops to buy these items. He likes to help in the home tasks, when he is in home in Karachi

12 noon:

Then he goes to the NGents on his monthly visit and it is his time. Zair is waiting for him after opening the shops and welcomes him with smile on his face. He gets haircut, pedicure and shave here. He really enjoys going to NGents as they are professional and they also know what he wants to have with his hair.

2 pm:

He meets Shaniera and the children at home to take the lunch. Today, he takes the roast chicken with rosemary of Shaniera and the garlic roasted potatoes on the request of the kids. He also likes to take the green salad with some daal chawal.

3 pm:

When he is on the holiday, he likes to take the afternoon nap. He does not like to sleep but rest for an hour by reading the books or lie down to listen to the music.

4 pm:

At this time, he likes to go to gym. Today, his son Taimoor is with him.

6 pm:

He likes to go for fitting of the commercial, for which he is going to film tomorrow. He likes to do these things these days. His designer is Sahaib and farhan and they are good to perform these duties. He does not need to tell them what is needed but they come up with their best ideas. They like to choose the modern, unique and edgy style and they do the big deal, which is real.

8 pm:

It is great surprise for him that Shaniera brings the big bouquet of flowers and she likes to give the surprises and loves the flowers. It has been the great start for them for this wonderful evening.

9 pm:

They say good bye to Aiyla and other kids and head out to the house of their friend before having dinner. They dine at about 08:30 pm but tonight, they are going to attend the birthday of their good friend, Rameez and they are meeting with him little later at night.

10 pm:

They approach to their favorite restaurant, Okra and meet with their friends. They have their favorite dish, the ‘Red Snappers’ as they are feeling very hungry.

12 am:

At that time, they come home and ready to sleep. He is flying off for the series tomorrow and he hopes that he would win this. Good night everyone.

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