China Successfully Launched World’s First 6G Satellite


The world has not yet the 5G technology as whole and China is going a step ahead in this race. China is already immersed in the next generation of 6G networking technology. Recently on 6 November 2020 China has launched the world’s first 6G experimental satellite into space aboard the Long March 6 rocket that launched last week. The launch took place at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in northern Shanxi province and was conducted by China’s University of Electronic Science and Technology.

It involves use of high-frequency terahertz waves developed by the aforementioned university as well as a number of other top laboratories to achieve data-transmission speeds many times faster than 5G is likely to be capable of. The satellite also carries technology which will be used for crop disaster monitoring and forest fire prevention.

The Academic Director of the University’s Satellite Technology Research Institute, Professor Xu Yangsheng said:

“This marks a breakthrough in China’s history of exploring terahertz communication technology in aerospace. He also said that the satellite will be used for intelligent city applications, disaster prevention, land planning, environment protection, 6G experimentation, and more”

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