Competition Between Google and Apple


Competition Between Google and Apple

Competition Between Google and Apple

Apple has increased the reality and it has exposed the mainstream product. It has revealed its first AR kit for months back at WWDC and this kit is facilitated the developers in order to help them embed AR features into apps with iOS 11. There are some of the apps compatible with AR on iOS:

  • Take On Me type of music video
  • A virtual pet game
  • A restaurant app that can show virtual food on the plate

These apps are pretty cool and Google has been developing the hardware and software for AR and it is impressed by the Apple by promoting its AR. It will release its own AR kit by name of ARCore.

What is ARCore

ARCore will be very different from the AR projects of Google, Tango. It requires hardware like depth of sensing sensors and cameras but ARCore is different. It needs to use regular smart phone.

The kit of Google is already provided in the market and the developers are able to use the ARCore on Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 runs the Android Nougat or above. Google helps to extend the compatibility for other smart phones from Huawei, ASUS and LG. ARCore is like the ARkit to work on OpenGL/Jave, Unity and Unreal.

Important features of Technology

This technology has three main features, which will work on:

  • Motion tracking with the use of camera on the phone.
  • Environmental understanding of surrounding area to detect the horizontal surfaces.
  • Light estimation to lightning and shadows in room, which can be estimated.

Google is building 3D tools like Blocks and Tilt brush so that it will be easier for developers to create the AR content with the use of ARCore framework. The apps will hit in the market very soon and the technology is expected to grow at the fast pace.

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