Control Affordable Orient Air Conditioner through Smart Phone


Orient is the well known and well reputed department in terms of electric products and this company has presented the quite new range of its smart DC inverter and air conditioner recently. The new ‘Smart edition’ of the less expensive and affordable air conditioner is the next step of the ‘Ultron e-comfort’ series, in which the latest patented technologies are combined in such way, which were not joined in any other conditioner before this and this will be proved a new inclusion in the Pakistani industry of air conditioning.

The thing, which makes the smart editions of Ultron Super, Ultron Bold, Ultron Classic and Ultron Plus from other so-called smart air conditioners, is the Wi-Fi kit, which is installed in it. Now the users can use it to keep an eye on the use of the energy and the working efficiency of their air conditioner while sitting miles away from there. They can also control them easily. They can control the smart AC through their Android smart phone and tablet.

If you are present at such a place, where you can have the access to the internet through the desktop computer then you can reach the website of the company and control the air conditioner but you will have to get register on this website.

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