Coronavirus Treatment by Increase Immunity


People need to increase their immunity to fight against the widely spread Coronavirus pandemic in the country. As there is no vaccine discovered up till now to combat with it, so it is better to boost the immunity to fight against it. Make the green tea with two pieces of cloves, crushed ginger one teaspoon and add the squeezed lemon in it at any time daily. Eat the clove by chewing them at the end of green tea. Coronavirus Treatment by Increase Immunity.

Make Your Immune System Strong

Make Your Immune System Strong

You can try another green tea with little amount of cinnamon and sweet root herb (Mulathi) or take these herbs in any other form daily. Add yogurt in your daily meal or breakfast. To maintain immunity, taking one piece of garlic is very useful for health. Cut the garlic in small pieces and take it with water after taking the meal at day or night time for a period of one month or until the smell of garlic is felt from your body. Leave it for few days and after that start it once again.

Drink the milk mixed with turmeric daily and if you find some leaves of olive, make green tea with olive leave, which is best for you. You start taking the dry fruits like peanut, almonds, beetroot and other fruits to get zinc from them. You should also start taking the fresh fruit like mango, apricot having little bit yellow color. As and when it is possible, start taking fish to have vitamin and you can also have some sunlight in morning or evening time, which is best source of vitamin D. the white flour is not good for our stomach and use flour of grind mill. Try to sleep for 8 hours, which boost our immunity. You need to start taking the exercise in the morning and evening time.

With adding all these things in your diet, you should also avoid some things like white flour, rice, sugar, sauces, noodles, process meat, mosquito liquid or spray and phenyl in your homes.

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