COVID Patients Identification Kit Developed by Pakistani Students


Two Pakistani students have developed a device, which can help in the diagnosing of the coronavirus through the AI in just 20 seconds. COVID Patients Identification Kit Developed by Pakistani Students.

Pakistan Students Develop Coronavirus Identification Kit

Pakistan Students Develop Coronavirus Identification Kit

Muhammad Aleem and Rahul Raj are the students of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute and they have developed this coronavirus identification kit. The students say that the coronavirus is spreading quickly in the country and the medical authorities and health workers are facing great hardships in carrying out the tests of the suspected patients as the testing kits are also become short. They decided to develop the testing kit by developing the technology. If this disease is diagnosed at the right time, it can be treated by taking the patients into isolation and the treatment process of COVID-19 is started soon, which can reduce the risk of the cross infection to great extent.

Working of Device

The students have developed the AI powered device with the use of computed tomography scan of lungs in order to detect COVID-19. This device can perform the analysis of the CT scans and it reveals that the patient has been infected with coronavirus in just 20 seconds with 92% accuracy. The device can also indentify the exact location, impact and severity of the damage to the lungs because of the coronavirus.

Requesting Funds From The Government

This AI powered device depends on the CT scans so that they can diagnose the coronavirus and it costs about Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000 in Pakistan and the cost of the CT scan is the big hurdle to the mass production of the AI powered device. Both the students requested with the government to provide them the enough resources so that they can focus on the mass production of this device.

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