Credit Card Top Secrets


The use of bank cards in the everyday life is common. Whether you have to pay the utility bills or draw amount from the ATM machines, the bank debit cards are used but most of the people do not know the secrets of the ATM cards.

Numbers on Cards

Most of the bank cards have 16 digits but there are 19 digits on some of the cards. The first of all number is used for the identification of the card. The first number is used for the identification of the card. If the first number on the card is 4 then it means it is visa card and if 5 is written on the card, it means it is master card. The next five digits show the relevant bank. The next nine digits show the bank account, which issues the bank card. The banks use these nine digits for the identification of the owner of the card.

Ultraviolet (UV)

There are very few people, who know that the bank cards are protected like the bank currency notes. There are some of the specific signs to keep the currency notes original and real. The English letter ‘U’ is written on the visa card in the ultraviolet light while ‘M’ is written on the master card. On the American card, the kite is figured over it.

Verification Code

On the back side of the bank card, the three digits are entered as the security code. CVV code is for the visa card and the CVC code is for the master card. The CV stands in both the cards as the Card Verification and this code is used for the verification of the card.

Precautions to Use Bank Cards

If you want to buy anything online through the internet, then you should keep in mind that the relevant website is safe. If you look ‘https’ written before the website address, then it shows that the website is safe. You should remember the sensitive information of the card always. For example, keep in mind PIN and CVV numbers. You should not hand over your card to any person to whom you have no trust and also avoid talking about the numbers of the card in the public places. If you want to draw the amount from the ATM machine, then you should make sure that no additional cameras or something like this is not present over the board of the machine, which can cause stealing of your pin code.

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