Cristiano Ronaldo first Footballer of World to get Golden Boot Award for 4th Time


Madrid, The world known and super star footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Spanish Portugal player, won  the Golden Boot award for the fourth time and he set up the world record.

Ronaldo showed the best performance in European domestic season, when he represented the Real Madrid in Spanish league, La Liga and he scored 48 goals in 35 football matches and won this title for the third time. He won this award for one time, when he represented British club, Manchester United.  In this way, he won this award for four times collectively in his football career.

The 30 years old forward of Real Madrid, broke another record. He broke the record of 324 goals of his leading Spanish footballer, Raul. Ronaldo has many other titles and he has been winning the title of best football players for last 2 years. He has the title of ‘FIFA World Player of the Year’ and he won the title of best footballer of Europe for two times.

He received this award in Madrid, Spain and said that he was very happy after winning this title for the fourth time & set the record to win this title. He hoped that he wanted to win this title for the fifth and sixth time but he said that he could not win this title without the help and support of his teammates.







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