Different Kinds of Car Batteries


During the winter season, most of the car batteries can create problems than the summer season. It is necessary to power up the car by the batteries to turn on lights, play music, run wiper and number of tasks. When the engine of the car is on, it recharges the battery but you will have to replace the battery at the certain moment. One should know that different types of batteries are available. There are different types of batteries and one should know, which of the battery will be best for their needs.

Deep Cycle Batteries:

This kind of battery provides the sustained power on long period of time and it makes them ideal for marine vehicle, golf carts and small recreational vehicles. These batteries are used to store solar and wind power and they have thick plates to increase the charge capacity. They have high charge capacity and it cannot be used in cars and they will run out within no time. These batteries are also very expensive.

Starting, lightening and ignition batteries:

Such batteries are known as SLI batteries and they start up the car but provide the power to turn on lights and radio. Such batteries have shallow charge cycles and the time to take discharge and recharge the battery and they will provide power in short bursts.

Wet Cell / Flooded Batteries:

Such batteries have liquid like combination of lead, sulfuric acid and water to make the electrolytes. These batteries are cheap and they use suspended plates, which are insulated from each other and the negative plates are sealed in separator case. The wet cells or flooded batteries are provided as they are serviceable and the maintenance of these batteries is free. You need to keep an eye on acid level in the serviceable batteries and keep top its up when it is dropped. The maintenance of batteries is free and they do not require such checkup.

Lithium ion batteries

The lithium ion batteries are used in high performance vehicles and the electric cars. They are lighter and they provide the more fuel efficient drive to the vehicle. These batteries are expensive and they have short lifespan and they are about three years irrespective of use.

Silver calcium batteries

Such batteries have calcium alloy and have different charged plate. It reduces the fluid loss and slows down rate of discharge. Bubbles move through fluid and they are critical as they are responsible to mix the different acid densities. If this battery is overcharged, the battery gets seriously damaged.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries:

The valve regulated lead acid batteries show the safety valve, which is present on battery casing to make it pressurize. These batteries are maintenance free and they are designed in such way that they require less to no maintenance and no water is added to cells of battery. If there is gas in the battery, it will mix and form water and you stop fluid loss and it does not spill. They cannot be serviced and these batteries have to be replaced.

Absorption Glass Mat Batteries (AGM):

Absorption glass mat batteries deliver the higher rate of power in short bursts, which can be compared to other sealed batteries and the quick reaction between electrolytes and thin fiberglass surface mat.

Gel Cell Batteries

These batteries work best for deep cycle applications including marine vehicles and golf carts but such batteries are less effective in cold and hot temperatures. This type of battery is good and it is not best for starter battery.

Battery Applications:

All of the batteries are available with their common uses and the benefits, which can help the users to understand its nature:

Battery Common Uses Benefits
Starting, Lighting and Ignition Most of the automobiles Widely available and it is powerful in short bursts.
Lithium-Ion Hybrid vehicles Can be rapidly recharged.

It has small and compact size.

Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Motorcycles.


Lawn Mowers.

Maintenance free.

Longer battery life.

Little chance of spillage.

Deep Cycle Longer, sustained use Some electric vehicles.

Marine applications.

Gold carts

Wet Cell Aviation applications.

Large energy storage.

Come ready to install from factory.

Typically less expensive than VRLAs.

Can be recharged.


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