Dow University Develops IVIG Treatment Successfully Against COVID-19


The Dow University of Health Sciences DUHS is a renowned and well reputed research center and institute of health studies. In April, the Dow University announced to develop the IVIG treatment to cure the COVID-19 and after the approval of Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan DRAP the university started its study and research to prepare a successful remedy against the virus.
The Dow University of Health Sciences DUHS is now successful in developing the IVIG treatment. According to the University statement the treatment was conducted by the purification of the plasma chemically from the blood that was donated by the patients after the complete recovery from the disease. The IVIG treatment works by making the virus neutral and stabilizing the immune system whereas the antibodies present in the IVIG fight against the secondary bacterial infection.
According to the official sources of the Dow University of Health Sciences the patients who were in the critical condition by coronavirus got completely recovered after the successful IVIG treatment. The patients who were in the critical condition and admitted in ICU recovered on the 60% recovery rate when the trials conducted and 50% patients got completely recovered and discharged from the hospital within 5 days. Mostly patients who were tested positive and participants of the trials were above 60 years. The DUHS claims that the successful IVIG treatment under these critical conditions shows the effectiveness of the treatment.

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