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Arid Agriculture University

Arid Agriculture University


Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University is looking for highly qualified and experienced candidates for the posts of Professor Agriculture Engineering, Professor  Management Sciences, Professor Biochemistry, Professor  Education, Professor  Entomology, Professor  statistics, Professor  Computer Science, Professor Economics, Professor  Geo information, Professor  Hydroponic Agriculture, Professor  agriculture, Associate Professor Agricultural Engineering, Associate Professor Sociology, Associate Professor Islamic studies, Associate Professor Forestry, Associate Professor Range Management, Associate Professor Horticulture, Associate Professor Geo Informatics, Associate Professor  Computer Sciences, Associate Professor Plant Breeding, Associate Professor Genetics, Assistant Professor Microbiology, Assistant Professor Management Sciences, Assistant Professor Human Nutrition, Assistant Professor Dietetics, Assistant Professor food Safety,Assistant Professor  Soil Science, Assistant Professor  Economics, Assistant Professor  Anthropology, Assistant Professor Education, Assistant Professor  Botany, Assistant Professor Mathematics, Assistant Professor  Statistics, Assistant Professor  Plant Pathology, Assistant Professor  Plant Breeding, Assistant Professor  Genetics, Assistant Professor  Computer Sciences, Assistant Professor  Wildlife Management, Assistant Professor Agricultural Engineering, Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences, Assistant Professor  Horticulture, Assistant Professor  Agronomy, Assistant Professor Entomology, Assistant Professor Horticulture, Assistant Professor Forestry Management, Assistant Professor  Range management, Assistant Professor  Clinical Studies, Assistant Professor Livestock Production, Assistant Professor Hydroponic agriculture, Assistant Professor  Veterinary Pathology, Lecturer Biochemistry, Lecturer Biotechnology, Lecturer  Microbiology, Lecturer  Management Sciences, Lecturer Human Nutrition, Lecturer  Food Safety, Lecturer  Economics, Lecturer  Anthropology, Lecturer  Sociology, Lecturer English, Lecturer  Pakistan Studies, Lecturer  Wildlife management, Lecturer  Botany, Lecturer Zoology, Lecturer Education, Lecturer  Statistics, Lecturer  Mathematics, Lecturer  Computer Sciences, Deputy Registrar,  Executive Engineer, Assistant Registrar, Transport Officer, Medical Officer in Rawalpindi.

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Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Jobs 2019

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