E-Sports Tournaments Will Be Launched In March 2021


Federal Government is now planning to introduce E-sports in Pakistan to promote the gaming industry in Pakistan. Recently the Federal Minister for Science & Technology, Fawad Chaudhry announced national level E-sports tournaments will be held from March 2021. The respective authority will soon announce the further details and application procedure for the participation in the E-sports competition. The E-sports competitions will be held in Islamabad.

The Minister made this announcement while talking to Vlogger and TV host Waqar Zaqa in his TV Program. While talking to host Fawad Chaudhry said that the ministry is planning to introduce and launch gaming development and animations certificates in the universities in Pakistan to motivate the youth to take part in the E-sports for their financial aid.

The Minister Stated:

“The companies working in Pakistan [in the gaming industry] tell me that they have a number of vacant posts, but no applicants. So we are designing a course in collaboration with these companies and launching certification programs in our universities”

The minister elaborated that the graduates will be awarded certificates in first stage and then the certification program will be extended to intermediate level students. Regarding the E-sports certifications Chaudhry wrote on his Twitter.

“If you are not interested in reading and are interested in video games on the phone, be prepared. Bringing a special program of video games programming,”

The Federal Minister for Science & Technology, Fawad Chaudhry categorically revealed that the gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood with its net worth of 90 billion dollars. The minister further added that Pakistan has got 20 % annual growth for many years. The ministers advised gamers to participate in the multibillion-dollar industry which will be definitely proved a gamer changer for them.

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