Easy ways to Recognize Red Watermelon


Most of the times, you would consider about sweetness of red watermelon through its part but it feels very annoying if you still get the unsweetened. Here below, we are telling you simple ways to recognize red and sweet watermelon.

Regular use of watermelon makes your skin beautiful and shiny but only sweet and completely prepared watermelon is good to eat.

  1. Smooth surface and complete circular shape

The surface of watermelon should be smooth and it should completely be circular without any cut, stress or any other mark. The reasons behind these marks and rugged surface could be that either the watermelon didn’t receive sunshine or water during its growth and it is not completely prepared.

  1. Know the Weight

Check the watermelon by putting it on your hand and make sure its weight is more than its size. For this purpose, you can also compare this watermelon with another watermelon of this size. The watermelon with more weight will be fully prepared and sweet.

  1. Find the first spot

Watermelons are put and prepared on land but the area on spot is either very light or very dark yellow and it is known as field spot. This part is not green as the sunshine doesn’t reach there properly. That’s why, the watermelon will be sweet if this spot is deep.

  1. Color recognition

The color of watermelon should be deep but non shiny. It is also known as another sign of sweet watermelon.

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