Eid ul Azha Approaching Danger of Cango Virus


Eid Ul Azha is approaching close and there is great danger of Congo virus among the Bakra Mandi animals. The administration has given the advice to the people, who are buying and keeping the animals and it is advising them to take great care due to Congo Virus.

Due to danger of Congo virus, the Department of Livestock in Baluchistan has issued the alert and also gave the reason due to which this disease is spread. They said that Congo virus is spread due to small insect present on the body of the cattle. The livestock department said that the people, who engage with the cattle breeding and purchasing, they need to keep them and their animals away from this insect. They need to cover their bodies and use long boots.

People should spray to kill the insects regularly and the Livestock department has issued the instructions to the people, who work in the butcheries and butchers to take great care.

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