Employment to Disabled Through Robot Employees




Tokyo, The technology has been developed in Japan and the disabled people are providing the jobs sitting in their homes. Under the provision of this technology, the robot waiter will provide the materials to the customers in the hotel and the physically handicapped people will control them through internet sitting in their homes.

In this regard, the popular Ori laboratory of Japan has prepared the human like robot and its commercial robots are already used. However, in this new experiment, the disabled persons sitting in their homes will control them through the sensors moving on the eyes or wearing the display on their face at the distance of many miles in a café.

During this process, it will stop the solitude of the disabled persons and on the other side, they will earn some amount working through it. Through this revolutionary method, the people suffered from acute disability, will be made useful person of the society and the sense of responsibility will be created among them.

The company will use its popular human like ‘Ori Hyme D’ robot in this cafeteria, which is 12 meter high and it will be tried in a cafeteria in Tokyo. The 20 kilogram high robot is added with cameras, mic and speaker and its data is transmitted on the tablet or display. In this way, the person sitting in his home will run the robot through the gestures of eyes sitting in their homes, will meet the demands of the customers.



An ASL patient, ‘Nozomi Mozaya’ ran a robot on the trial basis, which shows that the disabled persons can runs the robot worker with great ease. Now in the next stage, it will be tried in a hotel in Tokyo from 26 November to 7 December 2018, where many robots will work and all disabled persons will control them. If this experiment becomes successful then a permanent robot hotel will be established in Tokyo Olympics and Para Olympics in 2020. In the next stage, the robot will be used in the hospitals and for the look after of the old people.

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