End of Big 3 in ICC


A voting related “Big 3” was held in the ICC meeting in which only 2 votes were cast in favor of “Big 3” and 8 votes came in its rejection after which the chapter of “Big 3” has closed in ICC.

The “Big 3 Model” was implemented by India, England and Australia in 2014 under which the three countries gained financial and administration control of cricket. According to this model, 27.4% of total ICC revenue for the next 8 years would have been divided between India, Australia and England while the most share of 20.3% would be provided to India while the share of England and Australia was 4.4% and 2.7% respectively. But now BCCI was demanding $570 million from ICC’s revenue while ICC offered $400 million to India.

In February 2017, ICC took away its 2014 decision and presented a new governance and revenue distribution model but India rejected this model. After this attitude by India, a voting was held in ICC Board’s meeting on the matter of “Big 3” in which only two votes were casted in favor of ICC and 8 came against it after which the “Big 3 Model” has been ended. This matter about “Big 3” will be finalized in the annual meeting in June 2017.

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