Enjoy Meal on the Clouds


If you want to get enjoyment by taking the meal within the clouds then you will have to go to Brussels. You will go in such a hotel, which is surrounded by the clouds and it is suspended between the earth and sky.
People can watch the video and they can get the enjoyment of the ‘Dinner in the Sky’ hotel and the people should be strong at heart, who wants to take meal in this hotel. They should keep in mind that the tables are decorated with the different delicious meals in the hotel and 200 guests will be tied with the chairs with the help of ballets and each guest will have to pay 275 Euros.

The chef of the hotel said that it becomes difficult to keep the meal hot due to such altitude and they solved this issue by serving the cold drinks before meal and after the meal, the cold sweet dishes will be served.
David Giesels has introduced the ‘Dinner in the Sky’ ten years before and now this hotel chain is spread in about 56 countries of the world.

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