Exclusive: Telenor to Launch Startup Incubation in Pakistan


In order to enable Pakistani startups with all sorts of technical solutions, Telenor Pakistan has completed all the necessary homework for launching its incubation services. This service will also provide access to distribution channels, support services and other business functions of Telenor Pakistan which are required by the startups to scaling up and building their services and products.

Telenor Pakistan

Telenor Pakistan

So far, we have received the information that Telenor’s Incubation Lab or Incubation Center will be different from a conventional service as it will be a joint facility which will be given to several already operating incubators in Pakistan.
The startups will get access to various tools and services of Telenor through the partnership with incubators which are consumed by Telenor itself for its important operations and they include sales & distribution network, payment solutions, dev tools, support facilities and others.

Telenor has already started working arrangements with OPEN (Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs), Founders Institute and TIE for this purpose in order to grow the startup ecosystem in the country with joint collaboration.

Deputy CEO of Telenor Pakistan Irfan Wahab Khan confirmed the above mentioned plans and said that it is determined by Telnor Pakistan to play an important role in strengthening and promotion of startups network in the country.

Ifran Wahab explained that Telenor Pakistan has also collected a tool kit with location, payment and other similar APIs which will be available to these selected startups while this quality is in addition to the access of startups to their assets like retail network, distribution channels etc.

Irfan told that Telenor Pakistan will select the startups based on their potential value and business models that they will be successful to add.

Irfan added that capitalizing Telenor’s experience in preparing their products and influence by selected startups for access and reach of Telenor’s assets with over 1,000 exclusive service centers and franchises and 220, 000 retail outlets, big data analytical tools and variety of payment solutions while are only available with Telenor Pakistan.

Irfan also confirmed that depending on per caser and per need basis, Telenor Pakistan would be open to operate under different business models and might inject capital in startups but he didn’t giving any specifics.

So far, we don’t have any details about the launching date of Telenor’s incubation facility but we expect that during OPEN forum in Islamabad later this month, this facility will launch.

Telenor will be able to expand its business to include parallel and strong revenue streams in the years to come through Incubation Service while the true benefits will be given to the startups.

In the next few weeks, we will get more details on this development.

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