Fake Death News of King Khan Went Viral on Social Media


Mumbai, The website of France has released the fake news of the death of the Bollywood super star, Shah Rukh Khan to create the panic among the fans of SRK around the world. The website spread this rumor on the social media that King Khan has been died in an airplane crash near Paris and this news was gone viral on the social media and huge number of people also shared this baseless news without justifying it. When the French civil aviation authority interrupted and declared that no airplane crash has been taken place in the territory of France and this news was found baseless and simply a rumor.

The fake news claim that SRK celebrated the birthday of his daughter, Sohana Khan and he was traveling to Paris to attend the business meeting with his personal assistants and other friends but his plane was crashed near Paris. Huge number of Indian websites did not verify this news and they also created the panic among the people in India by sharing this news to others.


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