Fake Degrees Sold in Islamabad


Fake Degrees Sold in Islamabad

Fake Degrees Sold in Islamabad

The chairman of HEC higher education department Dr Mukhtar Ahmad told the senate committee that fake degrees are being sold in Islamabad. He also told that the Islamabad law collage is also involved in selling fake degrees after the issue was being raised infront of the senate.

The meeting was headed by raheela magsi while the senator’s pervaiz Rasheed, Azam swati, nauman wazir khatak, NCHD chairman razina Alam khan, sehar kamran and NAVTTC director general Zulfiqar cheema were among the attendees of the meeting.

Islamabad Law College

A student from Islamabad Law College Muhammad akmal came infront of the senate as they heard his issue. He said that back in 2015 when he took admission in this college he submitted 60000 fees and he was told that this collage is affiliated with islamia university Bahawalpur.

Muhammad akmal took exams of part one and after that he was informed that islamia university ended up their affiliation with law college. The college hasn’t issued the result of the part one yet.

And he also told the senate that there are 209 more students along with Muhammad akmal who are facing this problem and now no other college is taking them in for part 2 examinations.

Deadline Issued

The members of the senate informed the HEC that they have already issued warning to the college and has given 6 months to the college to resolve this affiliation issue. HEC has also banned the college from taking in any more new student. And the college instead of listening to the orders got a stay order from the court and started taking in new admissions. He informed the committee that the Islamabad law college was put on a ban when the authorities found out about its involvement in handing over fake degrees.

Increased Fake Degree Issues

HEC chairman told the senate committee that when the students are unable to take admission in well reputed institutes, they turn toward the illegal institutes like Islamabad Law College to get fake degrees. He said that these fake institutes are increasing in number and he is going to inform the senate about them in detail.

Not Enough

HEC says it has issued multiple warnings in newspaper and media about the fake institutions but senator Nauman wazir doesn’t seem to be impressed by the HEC move.

The senator said that the HEC should have closed the institutions once in for all. And he said that the third party should take the exams again of the students so that they can continue their studies. The senator sehar has also shown her concern over HEC’s lack control in the spread of these fake institutions.

Balighur Rahman the federal minister of education assured the committee members that this issue will be resolved soon.

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