Fastest Lift of World in China has Speed of 75 KM


Beijing, The fastest lift of the world is tried in China, which travels with the speed of 75 kilometers within an hour. This record making lift has been experimented in the trade building, CTF Financing Center in Guangzhou. CTF center is 530 meters high and the fastest lift is tried on it, which is prepared by Bitachi company. The company claims that they can run this lift more than this speed but the company has to make some changes in the control units and motors. However, the national department of analysis of the lifts, has declared this lift, the fastest lift.
According to Bitachi company, various people are loaded on this lift and this lift was experimented and it is run with the speed of 72 kilometers per hour. The specially designed rollers are fixed on four corners to secure this lift from the vibration and the noise. These rollers absorb the tremendous vibration and the people sitting in the lift do not feel it.

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