FBR Audits 319,123 Salaried People for Filing Returns Late




Federal Board of Revenue has started the online system to select the 319,123 audit cases of the serving, who filed their income tax returns late after due date.

The audit of financial details regarding period of last three years, will be done. The FBR online system has selected 1.02 million audit cases under section 214D of Income Tax Ordinance 2001. FBR Audits 319,123 Salaried People for Filing Returns Late.

The official of Taxpayers audit FBR said during the presentation that late filers, whose income is according to FTR / PTR, they can avail the offer to pay penalty and get audit proceedings closed against them by newly inserted section 214E.

FBR has presented other option for the taxpayers to undergo audit and present their records, reconciled financial statements and various other required documents. The pending cases under the section of 214D are:

  • Tax Year 2015: 300,240
  • Tax Year 2016: 475,901
  • Tax Year 2017: 246,288

The FBR has stated that about 402,176 cases of the salaried persons and Final Tax Regime (FTR) cases and the details of the cases are:

  • Salary Income: 319,123
  • FTR Cases: 44,940
  • Property Income: 12,275
  • Capital Gain: 202
  • Profit on Debt: 44
  • Dividend: 20
  • Miscellaneous 23,572
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