FBR Introduces E-Audit System


The Federal Board of Revenue is a monitoring agency for the national revenue working under the federal government of Pakistan. FBR conducts audits of sales tax for who revenue collected by taxation. Recently the Federal Board of Revenue FBR has brought amendments in the Sales Tax Rules 2006 and introduced an “Electronic Audit” system for the audit sales tax without any physical presence. All registered persons can pay taxes online via E Audit System. This initiative is taken due to the present COVID-19 pandemic.

The E Audit System implemented according to Pakistan’s Law section 25 or section 72B of the Sales Tax Act. According to new amendments the competent authority will conduct the e-audit system. The procedure for e audit will be laid by the concerned Commissioned Inland Revenue for registered persons to the Audit Officer for conducting the e audit.

The registered persons will forward a record under section 22 of the Act via IRIS or electronic data carrier as explained by the FBR. No physical appearance will be needed to process the tax payment. All registered persons are directed to submit taxes online via e audit system. The registered person can attend a hearing in via a video link through any source or the nearest Tax Facilitation Center.

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